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About John H. Hann

John H. Hann (1926 - 2009) is a recognized scholar on the colonial world of Florida’s native peoples and a prolific translator of Spanish colonial records into English.    During his long career he served as a missionary in Brazil, became a professor of history at Florida State University, and a leading historian in Florida’s Department of State, including 25 years as the chief historian for the Mission San Luis Archaeological Park in Tallahassee. 
A four-time winner of the Florida Historical Society’s prize for best book in Florida history, Prof. Hann’s works include Apalachee: The Land between the Rivers (1988), Missions to the Calusa (1991), A History of the Timucua Indians and Missions (1996), Indians of Central and South Florida, 1513-1763 (2003), and The Native American World Beyond Apalachee: West Florida and the Chattahoochee Valley (2006).  His translations of seventeenth and early eighteenth century documents on Florida have become the standard English-language resources for current scholars.  
Key translations are being made available through this website so that Prof. Hann’s legacy and contributions will continue to aid scholars engaged in colonial research.